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Kelfirius pheonix in his natural habitat

Yet another great photoshoot by famous photographer
Viktor Koshkin.
Our lovely Fire Angel in the light of flames.

20160809 Kelfirius Photoshoot-101

This is really phenomenal, how fire goes hand in hand with our astonishing Fire Angel.

20160809 Kelfirius Photoshoot-30

20160809 Kelfirius Photoshoot-61

20160809 Kelfirius Photoshoot-93

20160809 Kelfirius Photoshoot-100

Directly open flame on skin is really spectacular and gorgeous not only for photoshoot but for some special events or occasions you might think of.

A small disclaimer

Please do not repeat it at home as we are trained professionals and by mishandling this it can become really dangerous to yourself and your surrounding.

It was a pleasure as always to work with Viktor.


High professionality on a top class level.

And as a bonus,

here is our lovely Fire Angel with

silly bodyguard

20160809 Kelfirius Photoshoot-135

20160809 Kelfirius Photoshoot-154